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to washington address these issues. i hope that as a nation and as a commonwealth, we can do better in the future. you know that as your attorney general i will continue to fight and address them here with everybody in massachusetts who cares about these issues, thank you. [ applause ] >> so, for me and for you tonight this campaign comes to an end. but there's plenty of work to do here in massachusetts and as we continue to organize for america. and so, we will always remember our terrific senator ted kennedy and his words, the work begins anew the hope rises again, and the dream lives on! thank you! [ applause ] >> greta: that of course martha coakley. we are waiting for scott brown to speak. we'll go to him as soon as he takes the stage. right now sarah palin joins us by phone the author of the mega best seller going rogue and a fox news political contributor. governor palin nice to hear from you. as you listened to the concession stan of the attorney general here in massachusetts what do you think? >> i think is huge. you just witnessed a wicked political pivot across our countr
to go to washington to to address these issues. i hope as a nation and a commonwealth we can do better in the future. you know as your attorney general i will continue to fight and address them here with everybody in massachusetts who cares about these issues. thank you. so for me and for you tonight this campaign comes to an end but there is plent yes of work to do here in massachusetts and as we continue to organize for america. and so, we will always remember our terrific senator ted kennedy and his words, the work begins anew. the hope rises again, and the dream lives on! thank you. >> greta: that is martha folkly. we're waiting for scott brown to speak. right now sara palin joins us by phone to the author of the megabestseller "going rogue" and a fox news political contributor. nice to hear from you. as you listened to the concession stand of the attorney general here in massachusetts what do you think? >> this is huge. you just witnessed a wicked political pivot across the country. i think this can't be overstated. not just brown but look at the recent developments in new jersey,
way and that they are angry and fed up with washington and they can decide elections. we saw it in virginia and new jersey. >> we did. we absolutely did. we're going to get you to hang on, norah. joining norah on the victory, nbc news chief mark whit can kerr with us and nbc's mike viqueira. we'll pick up on what norah said. it's like any relationship whether you're married or dating, you'd better not take the person for granted and that's what we're seeing here. don't take me for granted no matter who you are. i think this is all about independents. barack obama won in 2008 because he attracted independents who were fed up with the republicans after the bush administration and what we've seen now first in virginia and new jersey and now massachusetts independents who are frustrated with what's happening in washington, who frankly don't like either party, are going to vote their anger by voting against incumbents. the real question, a lot of soul-searching on the democratic side but i think there also has to be on the republican side where there is still a lot of tension betw
. martha: scott brown and his supporters are ready to see him go to washington, right now. listen to this. >> [chanting] >> the people, as you know by the votes, have now filled the office themselves and i'm ready to go to washington, without delay. martha: all right, but that will not happen today. there are procedural hurdles that need to be cleared first. massachusetts state law allows ten days to certify the results. that's to make sure there aren't igregularity that is could alter the outcome, among them the certification of absentee ballots from servicemen overseas, as soon as that certification comes in, brown will be sworn in. bill: meantime, some interesting election poll numbers into fox done by telephone, 61 percent of brown voters say the decifit reduction is more important than health care reform, that poll conducted by ras mussence reports and it surveyed about 1000 massachusetts voters who took part in the special senate election. we'll examine those can karl rove in a matter of moments. martha: brown's victory brings the number of republicans in the senate to 41. that's an
. a shot was fired saying, no more business as usual in washington, d.c. >> you've heard what the speaker said yesterday and what the majority leader said. we are going to find some way to push this over the line. it is that kind of arrogance that has the american people about ready to pull their hair out and throw every democrat out of here. >> the election last night in massachusetts for senator-elect brown was much about an election that rejected arrogance. much like david in his fight against goliath. >> wow. they seem to have their plan down. it is arrogance. arrogance was defeated in massachusetts yesterday. your take on what you learned yesterday, david axelrod. >> what i learned chris, is what i learned to some degree in december 2008 and the two years i travelled with barack obama, middle class people, hard-working people are being squeezed in many different ways and they've seen their jobs disappear. they've seen their wages stagnant, expenses are growing, health care, by the way, has been growing exponentially. and this is enormously aggravating when they look to washington, th
... as being aeally important world ty. drewarvis: washington, d.c., fe like a very safe commuty as we grew u we played outsiduntil dark. vich: to us, the president of the united states was the yor. the congre was the city council. everything, thought, in life was the yor. was controlled downtown at the government agencies and on capit hill. colbert king: we all sorof had a feeling that this was t the way it was always gointo be, that somehow it coulchange, but toward wha i can't say really knew. [frank satra singing high hes] john kennedy: preserveprotect and defe the constitution of the united ates. earl warren: so help you god kennedy:o help me god. narrator: for many t feeling change was on s way came from kennedy's elecon, and itpromise of a more integred and cosmopolitan cy. natra: ♪ ...just remembe that ant ♪ povich: i grew up in whington, and i knew thi- this was a town of southern whites ansouthern blacks. southern congrsmen, cause they had the tenure icongress, all their ite constituents uld get all these jobs washington, d.c., so there is huge influ and the was a huge influx
to the washington area. >>> a powerful aftershock rocked haiti this morning. >> jay gray is in port-au-prince anhas our report. >> port-au-prince is still on edge this evening after that major tremor this morning and another day filled with desperation here. a violent wake-up call in port-au-prince this morning. the strongest aftershock since last week's deadly quake forced thousands back into the streets. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: but fear quickly gave way to frustration again as many endured their eighth day with little food or water. >> and i understand their frustrations. we can't do enough fast enough. but i tell them more help is on the way. >> reporter: so are more u.s. troops. at least 11,000 are in the region right now and more are arriving every day. >> we are doing joint operations with the u.n. forces, particularly when it relates to humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: aid is flowing more freely now, but still not fast enough. still, there are moments of great joy like this one when new york firefighters rescued two young children overnight. but for most, they continue to hope and pr
in washington. we will see what it means for the fight over health care overhaul. >> doctors been haiti say they need more supplies. >> the relief from winter is over. maybe some snow as soon as tomorrow. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good wednesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with adam caskey. we have some rain out there. i saw two snowflakes. >> i love it. i love the precision of that. there could be a flight extent this morning. that will be it, a flag or two. -- there could be a flilake of this morning. that will be it, at a flake or two. these are all pushing off to the east. summit early morning sprinkles. temperatures in the 30's. -- some early morning sprinkles. it will be cooler than the past couple of days. we can anticipate partial sunshine, especially for those of you north of the metro area. we do
pulls it off in the next few hours everything changes in washington and massachusetts will already have changed. >> sean: by the way, we have about 60% of the vote in now. it is 53-46 brown over coakley. stu rothberg says losing kennedy's seat would be like a 1929 stock market crash for democrats. steny hoyer says the disaster in massachusetts would show how angry voters are at republicans. now joining us at brown's campaign headquarters we have former massachusetts governor mitt romney standing by. good to see you, thank you for being with us. >> hey sean, this is a big night we are pretty excited in this room. >> sean: you know massachusetts politics. certainly too early to tell but we are getting close. if we have 60% of the vote in and it is 53-46, it is certainly looking good for scott brown. certainly confirming the polls we've seen in the last number of days. your thoughts? >> i think scott is going to win tonight. i think you are right polls indicated he has overcome a 30 point deficit by sticking to the issues he has not run a negative campaign solid campaigner with a terrific
him to wish him luck. he and his family as he goods to serve in washington as she hoped to do. she said she was heart broken by the results. there are tears and she thanked her supporters for their passionate work on the campaign trail saying they put their heart and soul into things perhaps in recent weeks they hadn't worked hard enough and run a complacent campaign but she let supporters know she didn't feel that way and she thanked them for their efforts. greta? >> greta: is there bitterness maybe there is an expression are you hearing bitterness between martha and democrats in washington or national organization of democrats? because there have been nasty comments flying baback and forth towards this campaign. >> you know i've got a chance to speak to some of martha's aids. one of them telling me a winner has a thousand friends and a loser is alone and this is not the time to be pointing fingers or casting blame. this is a time democrats need to remember to stick together not to lose focus. so that this shouldn't become a blame game. i spoke with democratic strategists and she
page of the washington journal, they write that yesterday -- of the wall street journal, the right that it needn't be. the president remains more popular than his policies and voters want him to succeed. but they are sold out -- but they are also telling me needs to steer a more moderate less partisan course, return to the back into the and, t-shaped his political rise." clinton, maryland, robert, what do you say? caller: i do not think the republicans should take any solace in the fact that this gentleman won the election. this guy ran as an independent. this is an anti-incumbency vote against democrats and republicans for not getting anything done. the american people are tired of it. they want something done. what hurt the democrats mostly was the loss of the public option, because the public option was not in the health- care bill. it turned a lot of people against it. host: caller, what is your take now on the healthcare bill? we are seeing all sorts of varied possibilities. what would you like to see happen now? caller: they have to pass it, regardless of this. regardless of
como un mensaje del votante al presidente obama a un año de su juramentación, brown visitará washington mañana anuncio hoy es importante que empecemos a trabajar de inmediato, para empezar como el republicano número 41 del senado puede destruir la actual propuesta de la reforma médica, así y todo el e presidente obama dijo que el senado no se deberá apresurar a aprobar algo sin brown. el pueblo demás chu sets habló, él tiene que ser parte del proceso dijo a la cadena abc. en campaña brown se opuso a la reforma. yo voté por la reforma ahí que dijo sobre el plan estatal, dijo que iba sugerir que se permita a los estados qué hacer y trabajar en equipo antes de que hablara el presidente demócratas coideraron acelerar la votación. . >>> ahora el líder de la minoría republicana quiere enfrentar la reforma paso a paso los votantes quieren que vamos en una sdreks diferente, es de los mensajes más claros que he escuchado de una elecciones y el senador john mc cain ex rival del presidente afirmó que la reforma deberá comenzar del principio, está en serias dificultades dice est
that there is a tremendous amount of jaundice about the system here in washington. and i think that's infected the view of health care bill whose come poebent parts the american people strongly support. so i -- i agree with what senator webb was saying there. >> would you take it component by component? that's what delahunt is saying. portability, second bill. break this thing down and it is too hard to explain as one massive bill. >> well, look, i think, first of all, there are going to be lots of conversations about how to proceed and all of these views will be taken into account. i'm sure that the decisions will be made. the viability of some of these parts absent of others i think would become a question but the -- bugger point here is that we have a lot of things to do. and they all have to be aimed at one thing which is to bring more economic security and to middle class families, middle class workers in this country. that's what people were saying yesterday. that's they said when they elected barack obama. they wanted us to come here and make the system work for them and not the special interest
by sending a republican to washington to replace ted kennedy. scott brown has played on the theme, make me a head senator. in other words, he wants to go to washington, scott brown has campaigned in a state he carried by saying, i want to vote against the obama health care plan. i want to fight the president. i think the stimulus care plan was wrong. there is too much spending in washington. it appeals to independent vot s voters. scott brown would run around the stage saying, no, this is the people's seat. so you have one that had a better campaign, had more ads and more energy, and they think they are on the edge of what will be drama for them. it has been 23 years. they believe in less than 24 hours, me might have a in this early month, the first month of mid-term election year, john. >> where we talk about a political phenomenon, and always leading up to it is the word intensity, especially important with a special selection like this, because you all have to deal with slated comments. as far as intensity, what did we see heading out to the polls today? >> the intensity is off the cha
washington correspondent, norah o'donnell in boston for us. norah, thanks. so what now? is the president's health care bill dead or just barely breathing? senior aides tell us this morning their best hope is the house passing the senate bill as is. nbc's mike viqueira is live in washington this morning. but, mike, that will not be easy. will the house go for that? >> reporter: savannah, i think they're going to have to fight the impulse here at the white house and democratic leadership on the hill. to fight this impulse into retrenchment into partisan dogma. this is, after all, an election year. and with many in the house of representatives, and remember the democratic caucus in the house is dominated by the liberal wing of that caucus. with many of them feeling that the problem here is we have d a disaffected our base, they are disenchanted. the impulse is going to be to go back to the left. they passed health care reform out of the house of representatives by two votes, by just two votes with the help of one republican from louisiana and one member from florida, democratic member robe
ahead. >>> and good evening. it was a fasten your seat belt day in washington today. politicians scrambling. a president regrouping. as you'll hear in his exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos of abc. and all because a man with a truck up in massachusetts rode a rocket of anger to senate victory last night. so, let's get right to it, starting with jake tapper in washington, and the wild day for democrats and republicans all around him. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, senator-elect brown's us victory has the white house and congressional democrats concerned about losing independent voters this november, two years after those same voters swept president obama and congressional democrats into office. the winds of political change swept through massachusetts last night. and sensing that it might be a wind atheir backs this november, republicans in washington praised what they saw. >> the american people through the people of massachusetts said to washington, d.c., enough is enough. >> reporter: republicans are crowing. >> this is a stunning and for democrats, a
are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> in our top stories, a republican upset in massachusetts. scott brown won the race for ted kennedy's senate seat. this gives the republicans the 41st vote they need to block legislation favored by democrats. >> the search continues for the man who fired on a police helicopter and killed eight people. officers believe they have christopher speight surrounded. all schools in appomattox county park close because of the men hunt. more rain storms are expected to hit southern california. fire officials are ordering mandatory evacuation. they are worried the saturated ground could cause mudslides. >>> in health news, researchers have discovered a clue to slowing down the aging process. it is fish oil. patients have long been encouraged to take fish oil sulements contain omega 3 fatty acids. scientists say they may help you live longer. patients with higher fish oil levels age slower. >>> 6:15. your
in massachusetts winning this senate seat. now scott brown goes to washington, already telling people what he intends to do. making the point that voters rejected the health care plan, the closed door deals saying that has to stop. suggestions already being advanced by republicans across the country this is now time to start from scratch on health care and try to bring republicans back into the negotiating table. scott brown's victory tonight, truly historic. he also mentioned foreign policy the idea that terrorists shouldn't have special [ inaudible ] scott brown's victory tonight has clearly wowed this massachusetts republican hall. it also filled with independents and even democrats. the accomplishment can't be overstated. it is going to cause political science books and history books of massachusetts to be revised and all tactical and strategic thinking in washington on behalf of majority democrats in the absence of their filibuster majority now has to be restructured. the notion that democrats might go forward with the president's agenda specific to health care without reconsidering the
of a lady who did not make it, from the rubble in haiti. let's go to washington. governor ed rendell, democrat of pennsylvania, has just come back from haiti accompanying 53 children from the orphanage in port-au-prince. how did this come about, ed? >> the brezhnev orphanage was run by two women out of pittsburgh. when the earthquake happened, they had to keep the kids outside, no sanitation, very little food and water. they called home and were connected with the wonderful pittsburgh medical center. they tried to get the ability to take them out, they couldn't do it. they called me, i couldn't get anywhere. then we saw the haitian ambassador being interviewed on cnn. so i called into the station and said, can you get a message from me to ambassador joseph? they did, the ambassador called me, he started the ball rolling. then we got great cooperation from the department of homeland security, immigration, the state department, the military was terrific. we got on a plane yesterday morning, monday morning, at 11:30 from pittsburgh. we reached the port-au-prince at about 6:00. we were t
will come to washington tomorrow, his first trip, to meet with the massachusetts delegation. he'll also spend some time with senator john mccain who was one of his earliest supporters, but ooh a fascinating story and after his event and his news conference in boston, we were retracing key steps with his campaign and they understand it has fundamentally changed the health care debate in washington, but what they say the fundamental issue in massachusetts was disaffection, the same factors that contributed to the president's big victory in 2008, frustration about the economy, high unemployment and bailouts on wall street, high spending and a couple of key quick points. scott brown, the republican used john kennedy, an ad where john kennedy is talking about cutting taxes in the 1960s. it started with plaque and white john kennedy and it came to scott brown in color finishing the quote, saying that's what i want to do, restoring the kennedy, economic philosophy and they say don't underestimate the christmas day attempted bombing of the u.s. jetliner. they say after that, scott brown. he's a
. jeremy hubbard is on assignment. >>> we begin with shock waves traveling from massachusetts to washington and beyond. >> a republican captured ted kennedy's seat. a stunning defeat for the democrats and viviana hurtado is joining us from washington. >> reporter:ood morning. the president called scott brown to congratulate him but with health care reform legislation hanging in the balance this republican win was a very bitter pill for mr. obama and democrats to swallow. it's being called one of the biggest politil upsets in history, republican scott brown defeated democrat martha coakley to take the senate seat held by the late ted kennedy for nearly 50 years. it puts health care reform, president obama's signature issue in peril. >> one thing is very, very clear as i travel throughout the state people do thought want the trillion dollar health care plan that is being forced. >> reporter: in a state where democrats outnumber republicans three to one and independent voters outnumber them both she was slammed 52-47%. >> this is the deal, although our campaign ends tonight, we know that our m
"reality check" not just for the democrats but everyone working in washington, d.c. if this doesn't make it obvious, i don't know what will. if you let the special interests write your legislation for you the voters are going to throw you out of office. case in point. as we all watched the extraction of any actual reform from the helicopter bill, person pechuation of the monopoly, no portability, no choice. the insurance monopoly represented by their stocks reaped the rewards of a government that was not only going to not reform the system but mandate everybody buy their health insurance into an unreformed monopoly. they call that freedom? i don't think so. and the cherry on top, president obama's deal with the unions exempting members from the so-called cadillac tax on the highest priced plans. only exempting union members i might add. guess who shoulders the additional burden as we perpetuate a legacy and system that forces people to buy into the insurance mo nop loy that exempts the union from special interest. everyone else in america who pays too much for health care while receiving
marshall and washington. toward the eastern shore we were in the low 40s. average high 41 this time of year. active weather is pushing into virginia right now. wintry weather through west virginia. it looks like we'll get through the evening without any weather trouble. that begins to change into the day tomorrow. especially tomorrow night. we'll talk more about that coming up. for tonight a cold night on the way. 28 degrees. mostly cloudy. we'll talk about that storm headed our way and what it means for you tomorrow night into friday in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. >>> move over sarah palin the republican party has a new star tonight. scott brown will soon be the first gop senator from massachusetts in 32 years. his unlikely victory has sent shock waves as far as washington where president obama spoke with it exclusively with abc news today. >> reporter: republicans called the stunning upset a message aimed at the white house. >> last night a shot was fired around this nation. a shot was fired saying no more business as usual in washington, d.c.! >> reporter: the nation's newest sena
blaming the d.n.c. and the key democrats in washington for being late to the game and taking her race for granted. six week ago, she was up by 30 points. >> axelrod responded and said look, we did everything we were asked to do but her campaign sent out that particular memo and it showed that apparently they had been supplying the democrats with polling data from massachusetts since early december and it asked for money and stuff like that. it simply didn't come. also, somebody else they're blaming -- the underwear bomber because they are saying that -- some senior officials at the white house, aides, have said, you know, we were concentrating on fighting terrorism, all of us, at the time scott brown launched his first tv ads and that's, perhaps, why we were caught a little flatfooted. the underwear bomber. >> a lot of the blame will go a lot of ways today. maybe some people should look in the mirror. anyway, scott brown's victory changing the momentum on capitol hill. the win gives senate republicans one extra member on their side. caroline schively joins us from washington with that
victory. >> i bet they can hear this cheering all the way in washington, d.c.! ( applause ) >> ifill: brown's definitive victory over state attorney general martha coakley left senate democrats with 59 votes. that's one short of the super- majority the party's used to get key bills passed. and it instantly raised questions about the fate of health care reform legislation. brown campaigned against the democratic health care bills. he argued they would pose an unfair burden on massachusetts, which already has its own health care system. this morning, the senator-elect said what he opposes is washington's approach to health care. >> i think it's important for everyone to get some sort form of health care. so, to offer a basic plan for everybody, i think, is important. it's just a question of whether we're going to raise taxes, we're going to cut half a trillion from medicare, affect veterans' care. i think we can do it better. >> ifill: republicans declared voters sent a clear message in yesterday-- that democrats need to slow down. >> i'm convinced now that no gamesmanship will be play
to rescue the other two. a 25-year-old man was blown to washington medical center with non life-threatening -- flown to washington medical center with non life-threatening injuries. the fire was brought under control. there is no word yet on the cause. >> yesterday, temperatures were pushing toward 60. today was a little bit chillier. still some sunshine across the region and technically a little warmer than normal, but a lot chillier than yesterday. mostly in the low 40's in the region and over in two parts of howard and montgomery counties. to the south, we see the front that brought in the cooler air is still generating some rain across parts of central virginia and some mixed precipitation in the mountains of west virginia. it looks like that wilstay to the south tonight, but a strong research of moisture will come rolling in tonight and tomorrow. some wet and maybe winter rather here for thursday night and friday morning. >> baltimore city police are looking into the latest homicide. a man was shot yesterday afternoon on north caroline street in east baltimore. the man was
raised $1 million every day. and they sent bodies. where are you from? >> i'm from washington. >> reporter: where are you from? >> i'm from wisconsin. >> reporter: why were they here? >> scott brown has the opportunity to restore a balance of power in the united states senate. and that's important to washington to wisconsin, it's important to massachusetts. it's important to the entire united states of america. >> thank you very much. inappreciate the votes. >> reporter: last week, i talked to brown about the state of the race. why all the excitement? >> well, because it represents an opportunity for change to go to washington. at least bring back the debate. as the 41st senator, i can can at least allow them to maybe look at things a little differently. >> reporter: he brought up that magic number 41. now he will become the 41st republican senator, enough to block health care reform and wreak havoc on the president's agenda. less than five months after the death of ted kennedy, the lion of the senate, the darling of massachusetts's liberals, it is the man who will take his se
make washington different sooner. the independents don't like at you will the part sdplanship. tonight they sent a message. >> larry: jessica we heard what a bad or poor candidate martha coakley was. in her concession speech she seemed clear-headed and had a nice voice and good approach to the crowd. what went wrong? >> reporter: you know, she's been an elected official in the state for many years, so she knows how to be with people. she's not unlikeable, but many felt she didn't have the fire in her belly. when you talk to folks on the street lashgsy, they didn't feel like she was going to do it pous. that she would fight for them. she did make some really crucial missteps. she went and asked a reporter what do you expect me to do? stand outside the baseball stadium and shake hands in the cold? in american politics the answer is yes. she came off as aloof, detached and voters felt it it. john was pointing out something that her pam contain has said over and over. there's a sense that change in washington hasn't come fast enough. there's a tidal wave of anger coming toward her that the
have been going in washington. and that may get help to vote for brown. others have been very much in support of coakley saying that they believe that she would more match the ideas of, foegs, ted kennedy's legacy. and they've tried to get out the vote today. they have a much stronger organization to do those things of getting people to the polls because of all of the democrats' history here and their usual dominance in these elections. so part of it is energy versus organization in how things will play out today. and from what we've been hearing checking in with different polling places, the turnout has been bigger than you would ever expect for a special election. more like a midterm election, but not rising to the level of when a presidential race is on the ballot. so this has gotten huge attention here in boston. it's raleally is snapshot of th discontent. and for some they're imposing on to scott brown a chance to do something differently even if they're not entirely sure about all of his views. and martha coakley who remains popular here has been hit with a lot of criticism a
as a polling call for this election. it originated from a washington, d.c., area code. they repeatedly tried calling the phone number today, identified as the source of that b bamboozling call. there have been sporadic reports of ballot irregularities today. a handful of voters report being given ballots already filled in. yes, it has been a weird day here in massachusetts. and honestly, a weird culmination to a really important senate race. as is usually the case in special elections, voter turnout is the key tonight. the high voter turnout, especially in urban areas would benefit martha coakley. the turnout in boston appeared to be high earlier in the day. tonight then, a democratic operative told the washington post "boston turned out numbers not good for coakley." but as much of these things often are, before we get the hard numbers, there was conflicting information. the secretary of state's office released information saying the actual turnout numbers in boston as of 3:00 p.m. were roughly on par for the 2006 election. that's a big deal, because in 2006 that was a real election. not th
. >> you could plead the fifth. >> i will not do that. it is 41 degrees in northwest washington. right now, is 34 -- it is 35 degrees in falls church. what about our washington numbers? we hit 60 degrees after reagan national airport. -- 60 degrees at reagan national airport. tomorrow, we will be close to average. we expect temperatures to be around 45 degrees. these numbers will continue to drop off during the nighttime hours. we will see cold temperatures acetylene. -- cold temperatures through the night. we will have a separation of air masses. when storms come totally of the coast, they will interact with cold air. it will make a cold environment and it is also. this one redevelop along the coast. we think it will begin as rain on thursday afternoon. as the moisture continues to come in and it threatens the fis off the coast, we will get into the issue -- and it builds off the coast, we will get into the issue of a wintry mix. the expectation is that the storm will approach during the day on thursday, reform off the coast, and give a few inches worth west of washington. we will have a
to washington to address these issues. i hope that as a nation and as a commonwealth, we can do better in the future. you know that as your attorney general, i will continue to fight and address them here with everybody in massachusetts who cares about these issues. thank you. >> larry: that's the speech by the attorney general coakley, conceding the election tonight to scott brown in massachusetts. a historic election. this has been a early edition of "larry king live." we will be back at midnight eastern, 9:00 pacific. we'll do some wednesday morning quarterbacking, as the attorney general said, with our pundits and analysis. all coming at midnight, 9:00 pacific. right now we turn it over to anderson cooper. more analysis and more coverage in haiti and "a.c. 360." anderson? >> larry, thanks very much. a lot of political analysis ahead, but i want to give you a quick update what is happening here in port-au-prince, a week after the quake, seven days. remarkable story tonight, underscoring both the good and the bad, the heart and the heartache. a woman was pulled from the rubble alive.
's on the table in washington. because of the lack of -- and, again, it's not because of the lack of voter in at the ele er . it is because it hadn't been explained adequately enough when people are more worried about their ticket, their job. >> and i was moved by the fact that scott brown mentioned teddy kennedy. i knew at the same time that he would be upsetting some of the people in his base that voted against teddy kennedy every opportunity they had, and it just struck me that tonight, or last night he was riding high, just like barack obama was a year ago this is where it gets tough for a republican in massachusetts. just like it got tough for barack obama, just like scott brown, he was an agent of change. >> you know, before we go to this. your take on that is really interesting. my take was similar to your take. listen to scott brown listen to teddy kennedy. what's going through my mind is scott brown spoke more at length and more glowingly of ted kennedy than martha coakley did on the stump during her campaign. >> your right. >> unbelievable. >> and last night, very telling that th
, politics in washington it is as bitter and divisive as ever. where is the change, asked impatient americans? now the anger has been turned on the democrats. >>> more on that to come later in the program. the people of haiti today felt a powerful aftershock that lasted several minutes is, -- that lasted several minutes, 6.1 magnitude. terrified people ran into the streets and more buildings collapsed. the eight organizations are still desperately -- aid organizations are still desperately trying to bring in medical supplies. >> katie's biggest hospital. -- haiti's biggest hospital. this neighborhood has been traumatized by terrifying aftershock. >> the staff here are fighting against all odds, trying to fight against this. this woman is trying to give birth and the baby is in the breech position. nearby, this woman had just given birth, a child born into chaos. >> it is chaos. >> the boy is ok? >> the boy is fine. >> another cry for help as staff gives aid to a young woman. they managed to revive her. >> this is a plastic tie for a bag of bread. we will cut the cord with this knife. >> is it
night, in the afternoon through friday afternoon. it's mostly west of town including washington county, the panhandle of west virginia for freezing rain which may accumulate a quarter inch of ice then a mix of sleet to snow friday before ending. problem areas out there. all of us after midnight may see a mix. let's talk about that. any light mix of rain should stay south of d.c. tonight. the main event is thursday afternoon into friday. i don't think we will see anything until after 8:00. it will start as rain, change to sleet then freezing rain for the whole metro area then end as snow friday with small accumulation and probably delays friday morning, especially as we look west of town. tomorrow night is when the action gets going. max hd shows i the precipitation -- shows you the precipitation. as we head into tomorrow, 9:00, 10:00 before we see the rain and after midnight when we see the mix. sometime friday when we see snow. here is the five-day forecast. we get it out of here. friday 38. it will end midday. heading to 28. we have to watch the wet spots friday night. no problem sat
>> bret: next on "special report," the bay state backlash felt all the way to washington. winner scott brown talks about what he'll do as the 41st republican senator. healthcare reform in disarray. the white house and congressional democrats try to deal with the new political reality on capitol hill. lawmakers rip the administration terrorism policy following last month's attempted airliner bombing. we look at the changing political landscape one year after the inauguration of president obama. all that, plus brit hume's analysis and the fox all stars right here, right now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the man whose election has rocked the democratic party and jeopardized the president's healthcare reform agenda will come to washington thursday. republican scott brown's victory tuesday in a special senate election is being seen as a rebuke of the democratically controlled congress and the new administration. we have fox team coverage tonight. jim angle has details on what brown's win does to healthcare reform. and we begin with chief political correspond
in washington were both offering assurances they could find other ways to pass health care without their 60-vote supermajority in the senate and also writing its obituary. congressman anthony wiener saying you can make a pretty good argument that health care might be dead. but restorative measures under way. the white house pushing the congress to bypass the senate by having the house vote on the exact bill that already passed the senate instead of the compromise bill now worked on by congressional negotiators and send that to the president for his signature. house speaker nancy pelosi previously poured cold water on that option. this afternoon she suggested it would not be necessary, though she did not explain why. >> our eye is on the ball of passing legislation. in order to do that, we have to resolve some differences, establish some priorities, make some decisions. and that's what we're doing. whether -- whatever happens in massachusetts, we have to do that. and whatever happens in massachusetts, we will have quality, affordable health care for all americans, and it will be soon. >> earlier,
was already widening. >> what i'm asking you, if you're a democrat in washington, if you're david being a axelrod obama, harry reid, mitch mcconnell, give me one bit of advice that comes out of this poll, what happens here tonight? >> reconnect with your constituency internally and in congress. you have to reach across the aisle now and go true bipartisan to get laws enacted. >> thank you both. i learn from the regulars, from the real people. we'll be right back from doyle's cafe in boston. boston. boston. polls in massachusetts due to close in less than 40 minutes. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. what's going on? we ordered a gift online and we really need to do something with it... i'm just not sure what... what is it? oh just return it. returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus i can pick it up for free. perfect because we have to get that outta this house. c'mon, it's not that... gahh, oh yeah that's gotta go... priority mail flat rate shipping start
. on today's "washington journal," live with your phone calls. and live coverage of the u.s. house as they work on several suspension bills including measures related to relief efforts in haiti. the senate homeland security committee holds a hearing today on aviation security and the christmas day bombing plot. homeland security secretary janet napolitano and national intelligence director dennis blair are among those scheduled to testify. you can watch it live on c-span3 beginning at 9:30 a.m. eastern time or watch it online at abigail adams had to remind john adams to remember the ladies when creating a new government. dolly madison had to encourage her once shy husband james this weekend on "afterwards," the intimate lives of the founding fathers. thomas flemming profiles the women who played a central part in creating our country. afterwards, part of this week's "book tv." massachusetts voted for republican scott brown yesterday in a special election to finish the remaining two years in ted kennedy's senate term. in a moment we'll bring you scott brown's victory spe
. we've dropped off now to 37 degrees in washington. # 2 in gaithersburg. quantico, 38. annapolis, 37. dulles is 36. winchester, coming in at 4 degrees at this hour. satellite-radar, big picture for the mid-atlantic. you've got a lot of clouds this morning. we'll have more clouds working their way in here later on today. i think we'll have a mostly cloudy day. a little bit of sun here and there but that will about do it for us. some snow falling across portions of new england. forecast for washington for today looks like this. early showers, not just possible but likely. we are seeing them now. mix of sun and clouds later on today and a cooler day. high only about 46 degrees. that is still above normal. then for your five-day forecast, problems begin tomorrow. let me just say this. late tonight into early tomorrow morning, some of our viewers to the south and west, you could see some freezing rain and some sleet. tomorrow, the clouds build in late in the day. precipitation begins as a cold rain in the district. but again, some areas north and west this time could see freezing rain, sl
are saying it's time for washington to do it, it will be -- it could be a fierce, fierce election campaign ahead come november. don. >> here's the interesting thing. you know, the midterms, it's going to be interesting, it's a referendum on the obama campaign. lots of blame to go around. some people are saying martha coakley thought she was going to win it so she didn't go out and campaign as hard so some are saying it's apathy on the part of voters. really the republicans got revved up even outside massachusetts donating some $12 million into scott brown's campaign. so really how much of this is the democratic party's own fault because they didn't get the same amount of support outside of massachusetts behind martha coakley? >> reporter: the lesson here is that the angry voters are the ones who are turning out to vote, which is what one of the key players in the coakley campaign said last night. scott brown was able to tap into it. he was able to tap into that anger. when i talk to democrats, they say the course correction democrats need is not necessarily a policy change but a communicat
the lack of civility in washington. >> reporter: ...has gained traction with some voters. >> there's just a hope that, you know, a different approach could turn things around. i just don't believe it. >> reporter: you're voting for coakley. >> definitely. >> reporter: a coakley loss would make waves well beyond the bay state. >> if the democrats can't hold a massachusetts senate seat former senator ted kennedy's seat, there's going to be a lot of democrats who are going to say "wow, i've got to do something to get on the right side of this political dynamic." >> reporter: if brown celebrates a victory here tonight, he's promised to become the crucial 41st vote against a health care reform package that was ted kennedy's life long dream. katie? >> couric: nancy cordes in boston tonight. nancy, thank you. john dickerson in washington is our cbs news political analyst. so, john, what happens to health care reform if scott brown wins? >> well, katie, house and senate negotiators have been working for a while on a compromise bill. that would go out the window because republicans would have the
, allison and steve. >> the big question that we had, april, here in washington we're looking at things from a national perspective and what this means for the parties. but the biggest question we've had ould like his own home town. he crisscrossed the state and reached out to the voters. martha coakley's campaign was very low-key. they didn't even call on president obama until just this last weekend when they felt they really needed him. people were able to relate to brown because he went out -- he did what you see most politicians do, he got out there on the streets, shaking hands. we didn't see that with martha coakley. perhaps she and her campaign felt they were entitled tobut r can have a say and in fact, they have. >> we've seen entitlement and politics don't go together. thank you. we know it's a busy day for so many folks up there. and the president even saying he was surprised and frustrated by the results of the race. too much, too late, i guess. >> and we'll talk about that the special election in massachusetts and we'll get a bipartisan reaction to republican scott brown's win an
washington correspondent norah o'donnell. set the scene for us there. >> reporter: well, rachel, there is a strong independent streak that is running through this country. we saw it certainly in virginia, new jersey and now in massachusetts. and scott brown ran as an independent even though he was on the republican ticket. did he not advertise that he was a republican. and you have to acknowledge this was a very compressed election schedule because scott brown in many ways came out of nowhere and the coakley campaign did not do a good job of defining the issues early on. scott brown, the senator-elect, said tonight, tonight the independent majority has delivered a great victory. he also said, this is the people's seat. and that's what caused this crowd to erupt. he also said, we can do better. and that's a message, a winning message whether you're a democrat or republican, we can do better that may resonate. i say that based on what chuck reported tonight, the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. there is a sense of dissatisfaction with washington and scott brown managed to ride
, washington. >>> we have a follow-up now on the so-called jesus gun sry we brought you yesterday. as our brian ross reported, thousands of gun sights made by the military supplier trijicon are inscribed with sigh credit bible references. many of those sights are being used by the u.s. in iraq and afghanistan. the marine corps tells us it is concerned about the matter and it will meet with the company to discuss it. >> when we come back, one man's remarkable change. >> some might even call it a medical miracle. his story straight ahead. >>> this is really a remarkable story. it involves a man who's been physically challenged his entire life. >> bud he's never let that define him. and with the help of a choreographer he's accomplished what many doctors said couldn't be done. >> abc's andrea canning has his story. >> reporter: greg mezgala is used to people watching how he moves. >> like stares and looks and everything else that i've had to deal with since, you know, day one. >> reporter: he's uncontrolled walk the result of cerebral palsy, debilitating brain disorder with no cure. >> your body d
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